Polish Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale
Venice, Italy

… and Europe will be stunned2011

Art Exhibition Design

The three films created by Artist’s Yael Bartana: Mary Koszmary (2007), Mur i wieża (2009) and Zamach (2011) were shown at the pavilion as a complete trilogy for the first time. The design aimed at making a unified sight and sound installation marrying the 3 films into one installation while transformed the Polish national pavilion for the time of the exhibition.

For the design process we were experimenting with projections, reflections, – and the presence of the fierce natural light that is penetrating the otherwise pitch-dark space as raw-material. All these merged into an ever changing arena of light, imagery and sound. For this project we used computer programs used in the cinema industry to anticipate optical phenomena.

Curators: Galit Eilat,  Sebastian Cichocki   Project designer: Eyal Silis