The Israel Museum
Jerusalem, Israel

Artist’s Choice2010

Art Exhibition Design

For the opening of the renewed Israel Museum the museum made three special exhibitions curated by contemporary artists Zvi Goldstein, Susan Hiller, and Yinka Shonibare. Drawn from the Museum’s encyclopedic collections this three-part presentation provides a unique view at the Museum’s collection in archaeology, fine arts, and ethnography. Each of the three artists addressed the notion collecting as an aspect of their own work and presented installations showcasing sometimes hundreds of objects. The main challenge of the design was articulating a presentation of accumulation, and doing this in a comparative structure which is made out from three different shows. Goldstein’s, precise to the centimeter, installation set an example, where hundreds of objects, all hung on the walls, were the periphery of some others, bound to the floor. Inspired with that dialogue, we designed Shonibare’s exhibition with empty walls and a vast free-standing installations. Hillers exhibition continued a dialogue between the floor, where unique territories, or fields were parked and the vertically suspended wall pieces.

Head Curator: Suzanne Landau   Curators: Zvi Goldstein, Susan Hiller, Yinka Shonibare   Project Designer: Tamar Ziv