The Israel Museum
Jerusalem, Israel

Beuys and Kantor: Remembering2012

Art Exhibition Design

The exhibition “Beuys and Kantor: Remembering” at the Israel Museum was tracing the parallel story of the life and work of German artist Joseph Beuys and Polish artist Tadeusz Kantor. The presentation of “relics” was key to the thinking about the design:  in Beuys’,  relics are silently charging the space with their timeless presence, engaging the perception of the spectator / actor in a present ritual or act. In Kantor’s – the relics are mute props taken form a long-gone moment, a theatrical event that was and no longer exist. The physical adjacency was becoming then the key for the design – a question about the nature of the dialogue that may be revealed. In Beuys’ the body navigates itself in a space charged with objects that were built to be relics. In Kantor’s it is the world of theater, not the time of the performance itself, that the museum gallery is hosting: the fabric, the wood – but more than these – the duration of time it takes for the play to reveal itself – the progression, the mystery and the depth.

Curator: Jaromir Jedlinski, Curator-in-charge: Suzanne Landau                                         Project designers: Shirley Yahalomi and Roi Zach