van Abbemuseum
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Er was eens…2013

Art Exhibition Design

Er was eens… is a five-years exhibition which will open up at the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven in November 2013. The idea behind this vast exhibition is to allow for a re-evaluation of both the building and the collection, the history they represent as well as the institution’s working methods. At the core of the Transparent Museum is a long term collection display that will occupy the entire four floors of the new building. Following an ongoing research by the museum’s curatorial staff, threads and story lines are developing that will highlight different historical, artistic, technological, theoretical or political trends and facilitating multiple perspectives on the content of the institution and the story it makes. The design investigates ways to provide dialectical encounters by viewing and circulating in the galleries in a way that will provoke the idea of parallel, sometimes contradicting ways of understanding the experience of visiting an Art Museum today.

Curators: Charles Esche, Christiane Berndes, Diana Franssen                                         Project Manager: Antoine Derksen