The Israel Museum
Jerusalem, Israel

Still / Moving2010

Art Exhibition Design

In this exhibition at the Israel Museum, spanning across nearly 1500 sqm, we had the privilege to be featuring only twenty six pieces. Curator Suzanne Landau explored the use of movement in a range of media, including installation, video, and photography, and the ways in which movement can modify our perception of space and our experience of individual works of art.

In our process we drew inspiration from a scene in Jacque Tati’s “Play Time” which demonstrates how, in space practice, time is distance. We were designing the interval between the pieces – and left each of the pieces to compose each own space. We counted steps and seconds, to pace the relations between existing spaces and unique installations, and through this found ways to turn the open spaces into a system of pathways and thresholds on which one quietly engages with one artwork to soon after (…just at the right time) encounter another.

Curator: Suzanne Landau    Project designer: Tamar Ziv