Tel Aviv Old Central Station
Tel Aviv, Israel

Temporary Ground2014

Architectural Installation

Since it was closed, years ago, the old bus station is a barren lot in south-east Tel Aviv. The existing structures were demolished, and the vast asphalt filed is waiting approvals and finances for the development of public buildings and gardens in the future. This proposal provides temporary intervention which aims to make the empty field a source of what its surrounding needs more: a vivid, around the clock activity. We propose to use the ‘natural resource’ of the site – its vastness in the dense urban texture, and while creating orientation, direction and purpose by de-paving a web of paths and seasonal “puddles”, we provide temporary “headquarters” to host existing local activities from such as bars and restaurants, artists and social activists groups, students’ activities and sport “centers”. These groups and venues will earn a residency in the life-guard houses, and while there will design and create structures, activities and events to experiment with and for the public to enjoy in the field below.

Expected opening – fall 2014    Project Assitant: Liad Sandman