Moderna Museet Malmö
Malmö, Sweden

Yael Bartana… and Europe will be stunned2010

Art Exhibition Design

The concepts of reflection – looking at one self through a medium which reflects as it transforms, is the mechanism artist Yael bartana often uses to manifest the complex reality in her native Israel. When a mini-retrospective made out of seven of her video installations was to be shown in the old turbine hall of the Moderna Museet in Malmo, we chose to add the concept of reflection to the one of composition.

We composed a layout of the 8 screens, in a way which project a trajectory between three potent points in space. Then we enveloped each screen with a container and allowed the trajectories to perforate the containers. We then separated a visual path from a bodily path by glazing some of the openings. Eventually, the space became a kaleidoscope echoing coloured light and projected imagery, constantly transforming – loading and unloading meaning through the movement of the body.

Curator: Joa Ljungberg   Project Designer: Eyal Silis