Yasmeen Godder Dance Group

I’m Mean I Am2006

Stage Design

In “I’m mean I am” by choreographer Yasmeen Godder, the starting point for the design process was the question of how to address the relations between the physical environment of the studio and the one of the stage performance. In a sort of a (uncommon…) whimsical act we chose to replicate the strangest ‘place’ we found in the rehearsals studio – a small rounded smoking balcony. Now, in the environment of the black box this balcony becomes even stranger – it is an inside, rather than outside – a focal point rather than the peripheral. Throughout the piece it is the capsule in which every emotion or motivation amplifies, and, at the same time, the core that projects, the otherwise invisible, space of the piece.

Performers: Yasmeen Godder, Eran Shanny, Maya Weinberg, Dana Yahalomi, Music: Keiji Haino, Dramaturgy: Itzik Giuli, Costumes: Maayan Goldman, Light Design: Avi-Yona Bueno (Bambi), Mask Design: Alona Rodeh